Inspiring Martial Arts Moms Choice for Paloma's Favorite Martial Arts Classes that Inspire Happiness & Success for Kids and Adults.

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About Us:

Hi, my name is Steven Beaver, Life Skills Coach of Inspiring Martial Arts in Paloma, TX, (really in Paloma) and I want to welcome you to our website!

We have been honored to be able to serve the Paloma area for 12 years and have served other area's for over 40 area's, we'd be even more honored to be able to serve you and your family.

At Inspiring Martial Arts, we wholeheartedly believe that Martial Arts training can & does change lives.

We are the #1 Moms Choice for training Kids to be Happier & More Successful. From Greater Confidence, Discipline and Self Esteem for Children to increased Fitness levels and Quality of Life for Adults, Moms have seen firsthand the benefits that kids & adults receive from our Martial Arts training for over 40 years, and we want to share those benefits with you!

Take a moment to look around our website; we offer multiple programs to fit your needs. If you see something you think might benefit you or your family, we encourage you to enroll for a No Obligation Trial.

We are INSPIRING a Tribe of kids and adults dedicated to becoming Happier & more Successful.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Kids Programs

Kids Martial Arts classes build Confidence, Focus and Self-Esteem for Children of all Ages. Kids love the "ninja" moves, and parents love the Life Skills

Adult Programs

Our Adult Programs help you Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit and Feel GREAT. Plus, they're a TON of Fun!

Daycare Alternatives

CITY Parents no longer have to rely on Daycares for their children's formative, ultra-important time away from home. Kids and Parents alike love our fitness focused Childcare Alternatives!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Can I try Class before I sign up?

    Absolutely Yes! Our No Obligation Trial really is "No Obligation". We want you to be sure that what we want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us. Our program is so very unique that most people are simply WOWED after the first visit. After that it just gets better and better. Come in and try the free class and see why we are Moms #1 Choice to help raise their kids or adults relieve that daily stress.

  • 2

    Do I need to be in shape to enroll for Adult classes?

    Not at all! We all have different goals the most important is to stick with it and stay focused. We have group classes that allow you to workout at your own pace. Everyone has a different goal some want stress relief others confidence some getting in shape it's all about your needs. Once you have found your groove you will be closer to achieving your goals, you'll be able to increase the intensity and push yourself harder classes.

  • 3

    How Often Should I Attend Class?

    It depends on the Class. But we believe that everyone should pace themselves. We see success with 2 classes per week. And let's face it anyone can fit 1 or 2 classes a week in their busy schedule. But everyone is different with different goals so the best thing to do is call and talk to one of our Life Skills Coach's they will help you figure out which program is best for you so you can get the best results!

  • 4

    Do I have to sign up for a certain period of time?

    No, we believe that if you love the classes you will continue if you don't well that means your moving on. We believe that we should earn your commitment every day and we do not need contracts to do that. How long you stay entirely depends on your level of commitment, and how much you're enjoying classes. Classes are fun but challenging. If you're loving it and are achieving your goals you will stay so that is our primary focus, helping you!


What Our Members Have To Say

We think our Programs ROCK! But what about actual Members?

I love this place! My girls have a blast in the after school program and have really grown mentally, emotionally, and physically from it. I recently started the kickboxing aerobics class. If you don't come away from that pouring buckets of sweat, you're doing it wrong-what a workout! It is tough, but you feel so accomplished when you complete it. Great place for kids and adults alike.

Rebecca Cornell Thomason

All Kids Will Succeed has changed my 5 year old son completely! His focus and discipline and ability to retain information is incredible now. The instructor Steven Beaver knows how to work with and control respectfully all children! We feel so blessed to have found him and this place!!

Danielle DiCarlo

I can't say enough great things....this program builds confidence, physical and mental strength, respect, and friendships. The kids have to earn their belts and put hard work in. Great world lessons. My son loves AKWS!

April Renee Williams-Schmalzried

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